Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bring Your Sexy Back, Ladies

   So much time has gone by since my last post.  Between the computer acting wonky, me not able to get my camera to work to post a tutorial, the wee ones being sick, being blasted by obnoxious amounts of snow and a baby that doesn't enjoy sleeping at night, the blog posting thing was put on the back burner.  But here I am giving it another whirl.  

I was thinking the other day, why is it that when you become a wife and a mother that your sex appeal is suppose to be over and you have to become some granny panty wearing, frumpy ol' prude?  I say it's time to bring OUR SEXY BACK!  I'm not saying let's get all hoochie here, I am saying put on a little red lipstick or throw that up to your eyeball sweater turtleneck followed by a buttoned up cardigan right into the garbage can and swap it for something that shows a little skin...say maybe a v-neck. Or how about swapping those heinous granny panties for a something a little less concealing.  Don't be afraid to get a little cheeky ladies. Show a little skin, show a little leg, get a little crazy and show a little cleavage!    *gasp*  I know, some of you now have your granny panties all up in a bunch.  Say goodbye to your FLIPPIN' sweatpants in public places!  Unless you are at the gym working your butt off to rid yourself of the infamous granny panties, please, please keep your sweatpants at home.  Good grief.  Time and place, ladies, time and place. 
  When I hear, " You're a wife and mother now, therefore, it's not okay to be labeled as Hot/Sexy" it makes me a tad bit bonkers.  I may be a wife and a mother to 3, but I AM STILL SEXY. I can still be HOT! Yup, I do have a couple extra dimples on  my cheeks (and I am not talking about cute little dimples found on my melon) but, seriously, I earned them!  I pushed out three monster-sized babies which required a little extra cushion!  It was like giving birth to a pony!
  I know my fair share of frumpy, granny panty wearing prudes.  In fact, I am even related to some (even if only by marriage) and it is time, frumpy loves, to stop being so critical because we all know YOU WANT TO GET YOUR SEXY BACK TOO!  Stop being so black/white and put on some vixen red or hot pink.  Get nuts, be daring!  Live a little.  Free yourself from being frumpy, from being a prude.   Phew...okay, time to move on.

  It is my goal this week to post my first tutorial and to post some of the fun decorating the wee ones and I have been doing.  Little Man N and Sweet Little L and I have been having a blast decorating for Valentine's Day!

  Today is also what I like to call "The Man's Holiday", Super Bowl Sunday and with that being said....GO PACKERS!!!!!!!!!! 

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!


  1. You are just fun! And you've also just made me realize that my toddler IS actually sleeping through the night now. (She was previously convinced that night sleep was optional.) So, I have something to celebrate.

    Wishing you rest...