Monday, April 18, 2011

Yup, That's Right! I'm Just a Mom!

Last week, Baby M & I stopped into one of our restaurants just to say "Hi".  I am chit chatting with an employee about this & that & asking about his wee one.  He then asks the question/makes a statement that really is quite offensive & tends to set me off on a I already don't have enough that sets me off on a tangent.       

Employee:  "So, what are you up to these days?  Just being a mom?
  Me:             "Yes, that's right.  I am JUST being a

Because staying at home is a walk in the park.
It's oh so glamorous.
Yet, this statement coming from a male, is really not big shocker to me. 
First of all, for myself & I am sure for many other SAHM's, there are trigger words and/or statements that will, most often, make the person that said those particular words and/or statement, want to take cover because I may/may not unload on them.

"Just a Mom" happens to be "that" statement for me.

Yup, that's me, just a mom sitting in front of the "idiot box"(a little something my step-father liked to call the television...a pleasant term,  isn't it?) watching soap operas & talk shows all day, all the while, letting my wee ones run rampant as if they are characters from the novel by William Golding, Lord of the Flies.

I wish!  Well, not really.  Only sometimes, kind of.

Here's a little reality check to the ding dong(s) that have made that trigger statement to me.  You know, just a small glimpse to what my day/night really is like.  No two days are alike because we are a family of 5, which means, different days of the week mean different days of craziness.

Mornings usually begin anywhere between 5am & 6am by way of screaming baby. Let me add that the early wake up call is after only getting between 2-4 hours of less than blissful sleep.  No joke.   Always a heavenly way to awaken each morning.  NOT!
Change diaper then nurse. 

Two more wee ones slowly meander from their rooms & within seconds are talking, talking, talking & questioning, questioning, questioning before I am able to consume even a 1/4 cup of coffee.
(I am, by no means, a morning person.  Just ask my family.  I am pure evil.  It's pretty ugly.  I have a hard time tolerating any kind of chitty chattiness of any sort until coffee consumption.)

Then, prepare breakfast, pack lunches, get backpacks together, clean up breakfast, help with homework, argue about getting dressed for the day and brushing teeth, send older wee ones in rooms for time out because one or the other just kung foo kicked the other in the face and/or screamed out "JERK FACE"!

Hustle out the door to catch the bus then hustle back inside to possibly take a shower, get me & the babe dressed for the day, listen to babe wail because I am not lugging her about, then head out the door for appointment or ready ourselves for Baby M's physical therapy session only to have to stop, again, to change yet another poopy diaper.  Yippee!

4-year old complains that she is hungry even though she just had breakfast 20 minutes ago.  Get her snack then clean up the trail of crumbs that she has bestowed upon me.

More baby sing song-y wailing.
Baby is still sick,therefore feed her more good bacteria killing antibiotics & hope this medication finally works.

Vacuum & mop the floors while lugging an extra 18 pounds aka Baby M.

Put, yet another, load of laundry into the washer/dryer.

Find crafts project for 4-year old, put baby down for nap & put in another load of laundry.
Fold, fold, fold the mountainous laundry pile & possibly, put away.

Head outside with 4-year old, if it happens to be nice enough, & get a bit of much needed fresh air.

Lunch time!
Make lunch, clean up lunch.  Baby now awake.  Nurse baby, change baby, feed baby "real food".  Oh crud!
Down to my last cloth diaper.  Put diapers in wash & feel guilty about having to cover baby's bottom with disposable diaper. 
Get over it and move along.

Clean up baby & head to the supermarket.
Unload groceries & wee ones.
Put away groceries.

Entertain wee ones, change another diaper, find another snack, play the nurse role, clean up & do dishes AGAIN!

Start prepping for dinner, walk down to bus stop & pick up son, empty out backpack & talk about his day at school, get him a snack.
More wailing. 
Ask myself, "What the Hell was I thinking???  Motherhood blows!"
Then watch baby roll herself into sitting position & smile with accomplishment. 
I then say to myself, "This is why I wanted to play the role of Mom."  And clap along with baby for her major accomplishment.

Another diaper change.

Break the older kids apart, yet again.

Prepare dinner, ask older wee ones to help set the table to only have to separate once again because they are arguing about who is going to place the napkins.
End up setting table myself.
More wailing from babe.  Give babe basket of food containers as entertainment so that I may finish dinner.

Daddy is home!  More chaos.
Bring dinner to table, clean up the food container mess, fix plates for the wee ones.  Remove myself from table for the millionth time because somebody needs something.
Finally sit down, help feed the babe, get a few bites in and try to rally for clean up.

Clean up dinner, do dishes, get an older child in shower, tidy up the babe & dress her for bed, get snacks & waters for older children & prepare for quiet time. 

Bring baby to bed, nurse then head back upstairs to read books and put older children to bed.
Do some final tidying up.

Finally, get my pajamas on.  It is now probably 8:30or 9pm & it feels like midnight.
Just when it is finally quiet, oh, what is that sound?  Why, it's the baby wailing once again.
I'm super-excited at this point.

And, this is an easy day.  Almost like having a day off.  Oh wait, I don't get days off.  In fact, it's rare that I get any time at all to myself. 
I would love to use the bathroom by myself!
That would be a cause for celebration!!
Which is why, at times, I do envy my husband and others who are part of the work force outside of their home because for many once they clock out from work, their day is over.
They go home & that's it.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am incredibly grateful to be able to say at home & watch my wee ones grow. I, most of the time, would have it no other way. I love the fact that I am not working outside of the home solely to pay someone else to raise my children for me.
I have made great sacrifices & continue to make sacrifices so that I am able to stay at home.

Being a mother is no easy feat.  I dare challenge anyone who views it to not be so. 

So, instead of me whipping off a bunch of unkind name-callings & cuss words, or expressing myself by way of explicit hand gestures to all the naysayers,
my Sweet Little L & myself offer something a little more mature & oh so grown-up. 
We offer you this...

Na Na Na boo boo
You're a big
Poo Poo!
I know, I know.  I said no name calling.

(I possibly see a Part 2 for this posting in the future.
I'm a bit fired up now.  Oh dear.)

Happy Monday!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bright Eyed & Bushy Tailed

  It's 3am & I am bright eyed and bushy tailed.  Oh yippee doodles!  I have actually been wide awake since 1am  (what the heck!!!).  I think  getting 4 uninterrupted hours of sleep created more damage than good. Therefore, I have decided since sleep wasn't happening for me, that I would finally post something on this very neglected blog.

The past couple of weeks have been filled with oh so much fun. 
Let's see...

Baby M has been sick since last Wednesday with an ear infection that will not let up.  Her temperature has been sky rocketing & scaring me.  We have visited the doctor's office three times since last Friday and she is now on her second type of antibiotic.  I am hoping, fingers crossed, that this antibiotic actually works this time!
I loathe my wee ones taking a bunch of stuff that really isn't all that wonderful for their little bodies.

My Little Man N was sent home from school Tuesday morning because he barfed all over his classroom & himself. 
I bet the school janitor just loved getting that call from the teacher.
"Clean up in Grade 2.  8 year old has barfed all over the carpet."

Needless to say, not a whole lot of much needed time for me & my creative outlet.
I, however, did manage to accomplish a few simple things.

Some of my pics were taken during the evening, so I apologize for the blah-ness.

An Easter wreath for my front door.

I made this with cupcake liners, tissue paper, foam eggs & a foam wreath.
So simple. 
My 4 year old,  another lover of all things artsy-crafty, helped with this.
She had so much fun squishing the cupcake liners.

An Easter banner...

Little Bunny Foo Foo's strung with some plastic eggs.

A lamb created by using Sweet Little L's handprint.  I got the idea here on Crafts by Amanda. 
I now need to get Little Man N's and Baby M's handprint. 

Oh my gosh these pics are terrible!  Yikes!  I promise to take better ones during the day.

Now, a small intermission of all things crafty for cute girlie pics.
Cute Baby M...

A very cute 4 year old looking like something straight out of the 80's...

                          More sewing....

A headband with a felt flower made for Baby M to go with her Easter outfit...

And, finally, a handbag & coin purse set that I will be adding to my Etsy store...

I need to add some final touches to the handbag set.  Such as a detachable fabric flower.  I also want to add a wallet, key fob and, possibly, a cell phone pouch to make it a complete set. 

As I am trying to blog away, both my girls are up & that ends any and all fun in the bloggy world.

Happy Thursday!


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Thursday, April 7, 2011

If you really knew me, you would know that...

I am lousy at cracking eggs.  The word choice "lousy" is being rather gentle because to be quite truthful, I am worse than lousy.
I am terrible, horrible, extremely bad! 

Most days you will find me in my kitchen baking & cooking.  It feels like if I am not running out the door for a doctor's appointment for one of my three wee ones, I am in my kitchen with wooden spoon in hand, the kitchen aid whirring, cupboard doors opening & closing & me snippy snapping at my children to, "Stop putting your fingers in the batter" or "Dude, you just ate raw flippin' eggs!  Disgusting!  Out!  Out!  Out of my kitchen!"
(With my bionic read your mind powers, I am able to hear the mutterings in your head, and yes, I do know that the kitchen is the heart and soul of a home, and no, I do not always kick my wee ones out of the kitchen.  Only if the baking & cooking is business related.)
I know, I know.  You're  also wondering if I am constantly baking and cooking, why is it that I am so stinking horrible at cracking eggs.  

And, I have no answer, really.  Maybe, I have a secret fear of them.  THAT'S IT!  I fear pathetic little eggs!
I wonder if there is a name for this kind of thing.  Hmmmm...

Allow me to give you an example of my horrible egg cracking ways....

Last summer I was preparing a caramel swirled cheesecake with a gingersnap crust for our restaraunt.  Sounds yummy, right?
As my kitchen aid is whishing about I begin adding the egg additions.  The first few eggs are added without any incident & I am feeling overly confident.

Then the un-egg-spected occurs.

I begin to add my next egg addition and would you like to know what happened next?
That little sucker slips out of my hands & lands into the cheesecake batter.
While the kitchen aid is mixing!

I hear intense sounds of egg crunching & I tell myself to not overreact.  I can fix this, I can save the cheesecake!
I turn the machine off & realize that freaking out is in order.
It has never occured to me just how much damage a little egg could create.
Thousands, no, millions of egg shell pieces are now mixed into the batter and there is absolutely no hope of rectifying the situation.

The batter needs to be dumped into the trash & I need to start over.
Which would not seem so terribly awful, but I did not have the two incredibly important ingredients necessary to re-make the batter.

Bring on the tears & cussing.

 I rein in my overly charged pregnant hormones, grab my keys & money, & head out the door to go to the supermarket, again. 
I forgot to mention that I had already been to the supermarket an hour or so prior to "Cheesecake Pandemonium".
The cheesecake did get made, although it took me an entire day, and it was delicious.  (No egg shells second time around.  I decided to turn off the machine when it came to the egg additions.)

So, there you have it. 
True story!

Happy Thursday!

****update:  I just googled "fear of eggs" and there is such a thing!!!  Too funny!  It's called ovaphobia!  I nearly fell out of my seat laughing***

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