Monday, May 16, 2011

Have You Visited "Pick Your Plum"?

Have you visited "Pick Your Plum" yet?
If not, you NEED to!

It's a "get it before your neighbor does"online crafty store.  Every morning at 7am they list an item at a crazy low cost.  Supplies are limited so you have to get there fast, fast, fast!  

I just ordered myself one of these fab-o items...

Magnetic chalk board offered at Pick Your Plum

Only $3.50!!!!!!  It was 71% off the original price!  Unbelievable! 
I cannot wait to receive it in the mail.
How happy I shall be to
 receive some Happy Mail!

Because of many unforeseen circumstances, my blogging has been a wee bit non-existent.
But, I promise to get my rear back into gear.
I have lots to "show-and-tell"!

      Happy Monday!

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