Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Finally Posting About Our Incredibly Fun Memorial Day Weekend

I know, I know...I am a bit late with this post.  My computer has not been playing nice, therefore the lack of posting & anything else that requires my computer.
The wee ones & I spent an amazing time with Grummie & Grumpie at Grumpie's hunting camp.
(I can hear your giggles now as I type.)
I figured it was time to get back to my roots, so to speak.

Shot guns & four-wheelers my friends!!
There is nothing like it!
Camp is set in, what seems to be, the middle of nowhere. 
Lots & lots of trees
black flies

The wee ones & I had so much fun, minus the shotguns, of course.

Little Man N & Sweet Little L spent hours catching frogs...

And snakes...

In between the frogs & snakes & dumping out the mucky water from their puddle boots, they found time to practice their golf swing...

My Mom, aka Grummie, is playing the role of golf instructor here, giving Sweet Little L some pointers.

We also enjoyed a game or two of horseshoes...

As well as lots & lots of bike riding through giant mud puddles...

and some jump roping...

The wee ones, of course, found time for a 4-wheeler ride with their Grumpie...

While on their ride, Sweet Little L & Grumpie, noticed a turtle hitchhiking along the path & decided to give Mr. Turtle a lift back to camp...

During our few down times, Little Man N would serenade us with some good ole' guitar pickin'...

Even my Dad, aka Grampa, paid us a couple of visits at hunting camp.
Here is looking all super-fly riding his Harley...

And, no, you're not seeing Grizzly Adams or a member of the group ZZ Top,
this man is my very own cool Dad.

For a very short amount of time,
we were able to roast a few marshmallows.
We were out numbered by the mosquitoes & black flies, so a cozy campfire was, unfortunately, short lived.
Wearing a space suit could not have protected us from those nasty, mean bugs!!

Poor Baby M, all she got was a stinkin' cracker...

One of the highlights of the weekend was when I went to check in on Little Man N at bedtime.
He was tossing & turning so I asked,
"Hey Bud, are you okay?"
He replied, "MOM!  What is that noise?  It is so loud.  I can't sleep!"
I giggled & said,
"Um, those would be the frogs croaking & crickets chirping."
"Tell them to STOP!" he bellows.

I think my wee ones are becoming a bit too "city" & need some more back woods adventures.

Minus the dreadful mosquitoes & blackflies, our weekend was
It is nice to go back home & let my wee ones enjoy the environment that I grew up in.

Playing outside & getting dirty...
there is nothing else like it.

Thank you Grummie & Grumpie for such an incredible weekend!

Happy Wednesday!


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  1. Love the pics. Wish I had been there!
    Love your sistah!